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The Customer Is The Very Reason of Our Existence.


Meeting Expectations

Our main strength lies in the fact that we are able to listen and meet each customer's individual needs, no matter how small or how special it may be. It is this undivided attention to each and every customer's requirements that makes them want to do business with us, year after year. We do not chase volumes. We delight in solving requirements that are previously unmet. At the same time, we are big enough to possess all the regulatory certifications required of the medical devices that we manufacture.


Specialty Products

Currently, more than 60% of our business is in the manufacture of Latex Medical Gloves. However, we focus on Specialty Medical Gloves - ranging from gloves for gynecology to gloves for chemotherapy applications. Head over to our dedicated site for our own brand, Hanser, to view our range of these gloves. If there is something you are looking for which is not in our range, please let us know and we would be more than glad to manufacture them for you.


Condom Manufacturing

The other main product that we manufacture now is Latex Male Condoms. From producing for our customer's own commercial brands to supplying to various government tenders around the world, we have proven ourselves to be able to meet the stringent standards required of this medical device. Visit our own brand website, Coral Condoms, to view the various types of condoms that we produce.


Special Capabilities

However, we view ourselves not only as manufacturers of gloves and condoms. We do have the know how and capability to produce various latex medical disposables such as ultrasound probe covers and dental dams. If you have a requirement for a particular medical device that needs to be made from either natural or synthetic latex, drop us an email. We would love to see how we can help you.